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A bit about me


Entrepreneur, community builder & people-connector. I have a real passion for startups, innovation, and social impact. I currently dedicate my time running programs, giving workshops, and hosting events that help organizations and founders to build future proof & impactful ventures. 

Most days, I am building a number of corporate and governmental programs that shed light on the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Individuals who are pushing the tech community to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges such as the climate crisis, food waste, affordable Health care, and access to education.

 rest of my time is spent hosting events, moderating panels & stages, running workshops, and facilitating connections between inspiring individuals. From founders looking for the right investors or mentors, to corporations looking to build pilots and partnerships that will lead both parties to innovate and together create a long term impact.  

I am passionate about deep technology. From lab-grown meat to leveraging ocean water, I believe that Impact startups are the future and hope that soon the question of purpose v.s profit won't be asked anymore.

I currently support a series of organizations actively promoting social as well as environmental Impact (E.g SXSW, Impact Hub, The Venture by Chivas, Seedstars Global, Innofest, Startup Chile, The Greentech Alliance, The Global Hack, Make Sense or Decelera)

Here is what I do, 
Check it out! 

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